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a butterfly or humming bird garden in zone 7?

I am planing on makeing a butterfly,hummingbird and or bee attracting garden. Annuals, perennials it doesnt matter. I live in zone 7. Also what else would I need other than the plants to make them want to visit more?

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  1. Tigger

    You will need a place where they can get water. A small bird bath with a lot of sand or gravel in it should make it safe for them to drink.

    Since you’re making a butterfly/hummingbird garden, might I suggest dill and bee balm for a couple of your plants?

    Good luck!

  2. glenn t

    passionflower and rose of sharon

  3. howmidoin?

    I mainly use trailing lantana, Black Knight butterfly bush and marguerites; they are perennials in Zone 8; in fact, my lantana blooms year around. I get so many butterflies my husband can’t believe it. Not so many hummingbirds, though; they are very territorial and the 3 that hang out in my yard chase any “strangers” out.

  4. k9copsgrl

    Mosquito Plant ( Agastache cana ) It’s a purple-ish plant that is good in zone 7, also it’s perennial, and is supposed to attract all 3 (bees, butters, and hummies). The ” Butterfly Bush” is another good one, it attracts the butters and hummies too. The “Hummingbird Bush” is supposed to attract all 3 as well. Butterfly’s like Columbines and Hollyhocks too. Bees LOVE lavender, as well as butterflies.
    There are a ton of websites devoted to “creating a butterfly garden” and “bees and butterflies”. I have hummingbirds that visit my feeder and my lemon tree, and like someone else said, they are extremely territorial, and you will have only so many in one area. Good luck, I hope your garden will attract every kind of creature you want and be your own little piece of heaven!

  5. SteelAngel

    My hummingbird’s are leaving for the winter, take care of them for me, as they pass through.
    Put up feeders, butterfly houses, and provide shelter and host plants for the butterflies is very important. you can get more information below at these links

    To do a outstanding butterfly garden you need to plant a variety of flowers that will attract them and the host plants to live on.
    Allot of people know to plant a butterfly bush for butterflies but with out the host plants you may not have as much variety.


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