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Any creative ideas for watering my garden?

I have a rather big garden, I have a butterfly and hummingbird garden, a veggie garden, and my kids have their own garden, not to mention the 3 rose bushes that line the garage and random flowers and plants around the perimeter of the yard. I feel like I am wasting water. I set my sprinkler up in each area for 20 minutes, that is almost 2 hours of watering! I love my garden but I would like to conserve water. I cannot afford anything too expensive. Does anyone know of any easy yet practical ways to achieve proper watering while still conserving?

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9 Responses to “Any creative ideas for watering my garden?”

  1. w i

    You might try running soaker hoses through the gardens. That way the water is getting only to where you need it. I have ours set up with a “splitter” type thing at the main spigot. From that I have regular garden hose running just to the area I want watered, and then the soaker hose connected at that point and arranged around the items that need to be watered. It is best to water deeply and less frequently. That will encourage the roots to run deep into the ground where they will not dry as quickly. If you water more often but in smaller amounts, the roots tend to come to the surface and dry out easier.

  2. william w

    wi hit it on the head she knows what shes talkin about .take her advice.

  3. csthedays

    I would add rain barrels to your property at every downspout on your house. That way you can get your water from them as much as possible, and only use your well water when the barrels have run dry. If the barrels are above the garden they can still be hooked to the hose system and gravity will take care of the delivery.

  4. dogsrspcl

    I built my raised garden over my sprinklers. 4X4X2′ deep.
    The sprinklers come on automatically so I can be worry free.
    (sprinkler in the middle). The overspray takes care of the outside area.

  5. Cordelia

    I think the drip mist or drip method is the best for conserving yet giving significant moisture to plants to live and grow. Ask your local Armstrong or nursery center for which is best for where you live. I’ve seen cactus in the desert grow with great speed. I think the key is watering early in the morning and in the evening, too.

  6. SafetyDancer

    For most vegetables, shrubs, flowers and trees, there is nothing better than a drip system. It may be a royal pain to do the first time, and may require several trips back and forth to the nursery or home & garden center to get all the component parts that you need for your specific layout, but over time, you will be so glad that you did it. And, then expanding your watering system will be much easier.

    There are several books, pamphlets, and brochures on putting in a drip system. Key to the whole layout is buying a “Y” connector for the water faucet that you are going to use, one of the arms of the “Y” connector dedicated to the drip system and the other for hose use. (It took me a few hours to figure that out – and it wasn’t in “the manual”.)

    It takes a little work and patience to figure out how to punch the holes in the black tubing to set the drippers in, but you’ll get the hang of it. Be sure to buy several packages of the “hole repair” plugs so that you can seal up any holes that you make by mistake.

    Ideally, find someone that has a lot of experience with a drip system in your neighborhood. They can save you a bundle of time and money by showing you what works best in your area.

    Drip systems do not work very well at all for lawns or turf, although their are special sprinklers and other accessories that would lead you to believe that they might work for that.

    Your drip system can cut your water bill literally in half. In very hot weather, you may need to run your drip system every day or every other day for an hour or more at a time. But, then after rains and in cloudy weather, you can cut back to once a week.

    One important piece is the pressure regulator. Don’t overlook that piece, especially if you have high water pressure.

    That’s all I can think of right now. Hope that’s helpful.

  7. GRANT Y

    It may seem expensive now but there are some good irrigation outfits that can set u up with a system that will conserve on water and eventually save u money. I do irrigation in Minnesota(mnirrigation) and we use a system which is called netifilm which is a very Persis drip hose. also could use misters insted of sprays to cut down. try asking a local outfit to set u up with a system that you can hook up to your hose with no electronics. which could be alot cheaper. but then you will have to regulate the water yourself. its nice to have the state of mind that your plants or yard is being watered on schedule and for an exact amount of time programed. you can program a set amount of water per week. u also can have a direct inject fertilizer(fertigater) they even have units that monitor wind, rain and frost to regulate the program plus with drip the city can see when you water.
    they have odd even bans in minn.

  8. reynwater

    Simple soaker hose and garden hose irrigation: Using an old garden hose, cut the hose, insert “T” connections with splice kit, install soaker at each T to run the length of your garden. T’s and repair splices are available at WalMart, very inexpensive. You’ll end up with soakers perpendicular to hose. Contact my avatar for more detail, if you wish.

    good luck

  9. Kacky

    Sprinklers do waste water. Better to use soaker hoases. You can leave them there all season and it delivers the water to exactly the spot where it’s needed.

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