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Anyone with a successful butterfly garden?

I would love to hear about a nice looking butterfly garden with host and nectar plants.Mine did attract butterflies,but it looks ugly.(catepilars probably…)

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3 Responses to “Anyone with a successful butterfly garden?”

  1. sptfyr

    yea, if you plant a butterfly garden then you need to accept the bad with the good. I find it easier to just plant a lot of what they want because they can’t eat all, but I know that there will be some plants they will strip clean. I like to attract the swallow tails and they love dill and parsley so I make sure I plant a lot. Anyhow, just keep trying and you’ll figure it out. It is also okay to plant other flower like nectar flowers and bright colored flowers. these will help hide the food plants. Good luck

  2. calyx156

    I have lots of echinacea in bloom right now and the monarchs are loving it! I also have buddleia (white) that many different varieties of butterflies seem to love! My garden has lots of perennial Asiatic lillies, mallow, foxglove, roses, daisies, bee balm (Bergamot), violets, tulips, columbine, ferns, coreopsis, daylilies, gladioli, petunias, pansies, herbs of all kinds, impatiens. The bees, wasps and butterflies all seem delighted as do the humans. No chemicals are used on any of the vegetables, flowers or herbs.

  3. gammadave2004

    we have all sorts of butterflies
    butterfly bushes(10) Dahlia (8)
    dianthus(12) morning glory
    speedwell(8) moon flower
    bee balm(10) fox glove
    cone flower (6) daisies
    beards tongue (4) cardinal flowers (2)
    geum (4) delphinium (13)
    roses (47) more bulbs ,perennials and more annuals than i can count

    have fun
    it takes some work but its worth it

    the numbers in ( ) are different varieties

    I think me and the wife are a bit O C D lmao

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