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Butterfly Garden at the Bronx Zoo: Photo Slideshow

If you happen to live anywhere near New York City, you must go see the Butterfly Garden of the Bronx Zoo. Photographing butterflies is not easy, as they constantly move from one landing place to the next. With so much beauty around, your eyes will have a hard time deciding where to look. In this collection, I am presenting several species of butterflies including a Monarch, an Eastern Black Swallowtail, a White Peacock and a Zebra Longwing. These images, as well as hundreds of other photos, are available as Fine Art Greeting Cards on my website. Each greeting card is handmade from original photos that I took all over the world, and is printed on 100% recycled paper. www.cardsbysergio.com Use a beautiful and unique greeting card to write your thoughts to a special person in your life. Or buy a bundle of cards as an elegant, affordable gift for someone you care for.

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  1. fcwright40

    I didnt realize the Bronx Zoo had this incredible Butterfly Garden. The shot of the Swallowtail is spectacular, Sergio really captures the essence of this magical creature.

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