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Butterfly Garden – Yamin ft. Marcie (j joy remix)

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A song originally hosted by eurotrance. They pulled his account thou ;( So, this song is dedicated to him. Since it cant be found anywhere else on da web xd;; All credit to original artists Yamin ft. Marcie, j joy, DJ doboy, and digitalblasphemy for the image

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8 Responses to “Butterfly Garden – Yamin ft. Marcie (j joy remix)”

  1. tiboost8

    This is just AWESOME!

  2. hasnaen

    great song for late night joy rides! blasting on big subwoofers XD!

  3. BehindTheLyric

    lyrics for ‘Butterfly Garden’ by Yamin feat. Marcie

    Beat your flight in time with my heart
    Can you hear it
    Lips softly kissing your wings
    Won’t you take them
    You can take my love so high
    all my secrets
    Oh, we will fly away

    Suck the nectar of my desire
    open my eyes

  4. enarow



    Nice! :D

  6. CancelStick

    nice thx for upload :)

  7. MoriartiTransformers


  8. H4RD4NG3L

    i dont remember exactly where I heard this track (exactly the full mix)

    awesome vocalZZZ… nice :)

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