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Butterfly Landscaping?

I am looking to landscape my front yard in the spring, I live in New Jersey so basically the North East….

I wanted to do a butterfly garden theme with various plants that would support the butterfly cycle, would this be a nice front yard display? I purchased a small condo and the front has a bay window so I figured do the butterfly bushes on each side of the bay window and various other lower plants right under the window, any suggestions, ideas?


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2 Responses to “Butterfly Landscaping?”

  1. glenn t

    foundation = cast iron plant or aucuba in line with the b.b. then tall perennial=black-eyed susan or coneflower. then short perennial = butterfly weed. then annuals

  2. HandyMam

    I’ve listed the sources that we used in planting our butterfly garden. One of the best plants we found that attracted butterflies for us over the years is Verbinim or Lantana. Every year we doubled the butterflies from the previous year with these particular plants especially.

    However, we always had a variety to attract all the species.

    Hope our links help.

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