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Do you try to attract birds and butterflies to your garden?

Are there features like a fountain or pond in your yard? Native flowers? Butterfly host plants?

I live near open space so I’m thrilled to have both birds and butterflies in my yard and am always looking for ways to attract more species.

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6 Responses to “Do you try to attract birds and butterflies to your garden?”

  1. just me

    Havent gone out of my way for butterflies but I have several birdfeeders that attract goldfinches, chicadees, cowbirds, bluejays, sparrows, cardinals, downy woodpeckers, mourning doves…lots of others. Love them birdies!

  2. lola

    Well I’ve been putting up hummingbird feeders for years and they come back my garden every single year. They’re beautiful.

    Just recently I hung several bird feeders and have gotten all sorts of pretty birds visiting my garden.

  3. r&s mom

    yes I love it. I have a birdbath, bird feeders plus plants like hibiscus, zinnias, petunias etc

  4. Roo

    a bird feeder for the birds, and a butterfly bush that comes back every year to attract the hummingbirds and butterflies!

  5. jaz

    We have gone feeder crazy — we have 14. We fill a couple feeders with black oil sunflower seeds, a couple with thistle, and several with a mixed seed. We also have suet feeders, a hummingbird feeder, and squirrel feeders. There’s 2 bird houses too. We have a hanging bird bath and a container fountain along with a mix of colorful blooming flowers. We get a variety of species — there’s nothing more rewarding than spotting a new bird.

    I’d recommend starting small — and offering just a feeder or water source. Flowers and trees are also certain to draw in the birds and butterflies. It did take a couple of seasons for our feeders to draw in all the species we have now. When we started we mainly had sparrows.

  6. Mimik

    Invasive plant removal, native plant restoration

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