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Do you use butterfly host plants in your garden?

You’ll have holes in some of the leaves on your host plants but you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the life cycle of a butterfly and maintain a “green” lifestyle at the same time.

If you do garden for butterflies, what are some of the species you attract?

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3 Responses to “Do you use butterfly host plants in your garden?”

  1. mindoversplatter

    Every year I plant parsley for the Black Swallowtails. The caterpillars aren’t quite a half inch long yet. And, I love parsley, too. I have no problem sharing a little bit with them and I love to see them flying about the yard.

    On the other hand Cabbage Butterflies about did in my cabbage, broccoli, and kohlrabi. I like to see the adults flitting about but I smashed hundreds of the caterpillars so they wouldn’t kill off over half of my garden.

    The corn is full of some ear infesting caterpillars but they only get on the tops and I can cut that part off.

    Cut worms are the worst, biting off baby plants at the ground before they can even get started. I’m not sure what type of moth or butterfly they make but I am sure that they are lepodoptera.

    This year I haven’t seen any tomato loopers on the tomatoes. That’s very unusual, last year I had scads. I was picking off about five a day. They make huge brilliant green ‘horned’ caterpillars that I really enjoy, but they eat a lot and do quite a bit of destruction to the garden. I would love to let them be and enjoy the big nocturnal hawk moth that they become, but they are just too destructive and prolific.

    I never use pesticides in my garden. Better for the bugs, the toads, and me.

    I don’t mind sharing a bit, I plant a big garden and I’ll even give half of it back to nature, but I’m not going to let the pests have it all. Too much work to do for freeloaders.

  2. lpaganus

    Western monarchs and Painted Ladies. Baja California Mexico.

  3. pr2kad

    There are plants in your garden that are simply beautiful which are butterfly hosts without your knowing. A few holes do not matter really if you love watching and savoring the beauty and pleasure those colorful flying creatures bring.
    In my place, there are around 63 butterfly species paying a visit, apart from what i have in the garden. Diversed, indeed.

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