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Gainesville Explorer: Butterfly Garden

(Feb. 11) The Independent Florida Alligator presents the Florida Wildflower and Butterfly Garden as part of its Gainesville Explorer series. Check out alligator.org for more details. (Video by Matthew Gonzalez)

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3 Responses to “Gainesville Explorer: Butterfly Garden”

  1. squito94

    Is the Butterfly Garden enclosed and the butterflies are added or is it an open garden and the butterflies are wild.

  2. TheGartenGrl

    I’ve visited several times and it is wonderful! And I am so glad to hear him mention the bee situation…people need to hear this…

  3. Deets2320

    I had the joy of being there last week and one butterfly landed on my lip twice and it tickled so much the attendant had to remove it. Maybe he thought I was his mother because I was wearing a turquoise print blouse.

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