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Help with a butterfly garden?

I want to start one but i don’t know what butterfly are in my area. I live in California , Bakersfield. Which is central. Can you help me?

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3 Responses to “Help with a butterfly garden?”

  1. joanne b

    Start by putting in a butterfly bush and you’ll find several species attracted to it. Add another bush once they start becoming more frequent.

  2. Tori

    Most areas of Central California will have a great number of different species of butterflies. What you need to have a really great butterfly garden is to have specific kinds of leaves for larva (caterpillars) to eat and nectar sources for adults.

    Some good general plants for caterpillars include:
    Willow trees
    Cherry trees
    Apple or Crabapple trees

    Some good nectar plants for butterflies include:
    Butterfly Bush

    Butterflies also enjoy a drink of water and especially like to drink from mud puddles. Be prepared for caterpillar damage from feeding on leaves, but remember you can’t have butterflies without caterpillars! Butterflies and caterpillars are killed by insecticides so don’t use any in your yard. Once you start seeing butterflies, you can borrow or buy a field guide to help you determine what kind they are and then plant more things that they specifically like.

  3. Mary C


    That website lists all the butterflies native to California. I would plant milkweed, coneflowers, joe pyeweed, gallardia, and bee balm as they will all feed the butterflies as well as some will help the caterpillars also. When you make your garden put in a small dish for water so that they can drink also. Hope this helps!!

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