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Help with my butterfly garden?

Does anyone know what flowers and/or plants butterflies like?
I am planning on making a butterfly garden, and all suggestions, (not just plants) are helpful to me.
I have about a 3′ by 4′ area to work with.
By the way, I’m located in lower Mchigan.
Thanks to all!
I Googled it already; I was just curious if anyone had any personal suggestions, or maybe had already had a butterfly garden in the past.

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11 Responses to “Help with my butterfly garden?”

  1. Tropical Sensei

    Google by your zone.

  2. looney12

    budlehias, otherwise known as the butterfly bush, nasturtiums, and columbines are a good start to your garden. good luck.

  3. Hot tea and Cheerios

    I have several Butterfly Bushes in my garden and they really DO attract the butterflies. Sphinx moths are also attracted to them. I think they are so beautiful.

  4. Richard H

    In order to be of any real help, one would need to see the location in which the garden is to be created. Views, lot size, environment / surroundings. sometimes just a small pool of calm water will draw more butterflies then a couple of flowering plants. With a small tub or liner filled with water and combined with container plants, you should also see more butterflies and a few dragonflies not to mention birds and small critters. If you just want to fill the 3×4 space just plant one butterfly bush and you will be set, it will fill the space and it will draw in the butterflies.

  5. |J|A|K|E|

    Butterfly bushes are your best bet, I have 6 and butterflies flock to it like mad!

  6. Benny boy95

    Butterfly bushes work the best. I had one that was almost dead but saved it with little maitnence. It only needs half sun and can survive on little water. Lantanas are beautiful. They aquire the same maitnence. They even come in different colors (red, orange, yellow, etc.). and different sizes. Go to your nearest home improvment store and ask them for more information that suites your home needs. I think, in my opinoin, lillys don’t work very well. These plants I recomended bloom fast and stay bloomed for atleast six to seven months. It’s also nice to create some hieghth. Put small plants in front and larger plants toward the back.Maybe put a centerpice in the middle like a bird bath or a bush. It looks nice to have a theme like a lake type look or a country home look witha variety of flowers. It might help with the whole garden not being flowers, but put some stones or a pond or different gtall grasses. Good luck!

  7. wyrmwyrd1

    delphinium, glads, foxglove and fuchsias seem to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds in my area.

    Last year I had about 1/2 dozen Monarchs every day that seemed to be really fascinated with a rosemary bush when it was in bloom, but I from what I understand they are very specific in what they eat so I don’t know what was going on there.

  8. Isadora

    My whole yard is a butterfly garden. The first thing that blooms in the spring that really attracts the butterflies is lunaria, or money plant, a biennial that blooms eary with lots of purple flowers and must have a lot of nectar, because it is always swarming with dozens of butterflies, big swallowtails, moinarchs, and lots many small ones also. I grow dutchman’s pipe vine for the swallowtail caterpillars, fennel, dill, and other members of the carrot family for other swallowtail caterpillars to eat; violets for the caterpillars of the great fritillaries, which also come to the money plant. I grow plants of the milkweed family for monarchs, and in the fall butterflies love the sedums.

    Be sure you plant things for the caterpillars to eat because if you don’t have caterpillars, you aren’t going to have any butterflies. And don’t use any pesticides on your garden at all. even the organic ones can kill the caterpillars. Try not to keep your garden too clean, some caterpillars overwinter in leaf litter in the garden floor, and cleaning it all up destroys them. Get a good caterpillar book and find out what their food sources are, also for identification purposes. There is only one comprehensive book on caterpillars, it is Caterpillars of Eastern North American, a Princeton University field guide.

    Butterflies like flowers that have a wide base that they can land on, like zinnias and marigolds while they can’t get the nectar from deepthroated flowers like morning glories and lilies, which are pollinated by moths.

    There are many more, but I am sure you have found lots of good sites if you have googled it. One of the best sites is the University of Missouri horticultural site.

  9. prince_2b_princess

    ever hear of Michigan bulb company ?

  10. juncogirl3

    Butterfly bushes are okay but I have Feverfew and the butterflies just swarm this plant. Not only is it a hardy herb but it spreads easily and the butterflies cant seem to get enough. Their next favorite is giant blue lobelia and then Cardinal flower. They are also crazy about my Goldenrod and snapdragons. So these are the primary plants that I have in my yard that seem to attract dozens of butterflies. They pay attention to my butterfly bush but the Feverfew seems to drive them wild. I also live in Michigan right smack in the Manistee National Forest.

  11. ddg46bm3

    The butterfly bush is a, butterfly magnet. I have several in my garden … Plant the butterfly garden you will be glad you did.. it will attract other things like humming birds, bee’s. i even get the humming bird moth in my garden, I have gold finches on my cornflowers. the more you plant the more you’ll get back….

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