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How do I keep unwanted bugs out of my butterfly garden?

My daughter and I started a small butterfly garden from seed (a retail mix in an envelope). I have also planted moonflowers and morning glories to grow up the fence in the back of the garden. Ants and aphids or something are eating the leaves of my morning glories and moonflowers, and some of the leaves of the new plants that are sprouting. How can I stop whatever is eating my plants from killing the garden before it even gets going? Since it will be a butterfly garden, I obviously do not want to kill ALL the insects with some kind of spray, I still want to attract the butterflies. Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “How do I keep unwanted bugs out of my butterfly garden?”

  1. sexy_naughty_bitchy_me_40

    lady bugs . are your gardens best defense

  2. Kevin R

    Keep in mind that a lot of those caterpillars that eat plants turn into butterflies.

    Like the lady above… your best bet is beneficial insects.

    I think you should get some Luffa seeds. They grow up a fence real well and you can use them for a bath sponge. They are real easy to grow.

  3. J. Stephen

    If you want a butterfly garden you’ll just have to learn to live with the bugs. Any insecticide that kills or repels another bug will do the same to a butterfly. Why not get a good insect identification book and learn to recognize and appreciate the variety of creatures that are attracted to your butterfly garden.

  4. steven m

    plant some thistles and nettles, these will attract ladybirds to lay their eggs, which love to eat aphids.

    There are companies that breed ladybirds. for people who want to avoid chemicals, when controlling pests.

  5. roodog01

    sounds like you need to do it naturaly,,,, five ways i know of…
    Birds… they control a lot of pests,, put feeders near there.Buy mail order lady bugs, lady bugs work great. Buy or capture praying mantis also good watchmen. I know you dont want to hear this but spiders,,,, lovely webs when the dew and sun rise hits them. as far as the ants are concerned you can nail them with a store bought product since ant live in the ground or stumps/wood etc. treat the ground according to the lable with a product from a hardware store

  6. Semi-Constant Gardener

    Are the plants actually dying, or are you mainly concerned that the leaves are being eaten? Have you actually seen the insects,or just the damage? (Don’t you love an answer that poses more questions that you originally posed?)
    Anyway, it may be something that you will have to live with unless you can get a good look at whatever is eating the leaves. Plants can often do OK even with some of their leaves eaten. If it is aphids, you can spray them off the plant with a hose.

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