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How do you mount a Monarch butterfly?

My granddaughter found a dead Monarch butterfly and I would like to mount it for her and put it in a frame.

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5 Responses to “How do you mount a Monarch butterfly?”

  1. Undead Princess

    Smart alec answer: With a very tiny saddle.

  2. Bear Naked

    Although there are many techniques to mount butterflies and moths, below is a description of the one I prefer. All techniques described have their strengths and weakness’ but all follow a few basic plans. Furthermore, some modification may be necessary, depending upon the characteristics of the specimen being mounted.

  3. sweet7face

    spray it with hairspray first

  4. kay7

    Buy a small picture frame and glue the butterfly to the backing or glue the butterfly to a pice of paper and put it in the frame!

  5. catintrepid

    Ask at a well equipped hobby shop or educational toy store. There are frames specifically for doing this, which come with a layer of cotton batting to lay the butterfly on and then replace the glass, so that it’s supported on the cotton. If you’re really handy, you could make such a frame yourself, buying batting at a sewing supplies shop.

    One of the hardest parts is getting the butterfly to lay flat; try doing it now, carefullly, because it will break if you try to put it in the open position if it’s been dead too long when you try.

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