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How long does a butterfly live?

My son and me found a Caterpillar on the dill weed we have in the garden.
It was green with some spots. We took it in and made a little home and gave it some dill weed. It ate all the dill weed and made a ca coon. Two days ago it came out as a butterfly with black blue orange purple yellow white. Its neat what is it and we have Fed it sugar watter.

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5 Responses to “How long does a butterfly live?”

  1. emeraldfire115

    about a week or two male butterflies live a few days less than female butterflies

  2. Amity

    I thought it was something like 24 hours or something really short like that.

  3. Spunnkarma

    The Monarchs plan a trip to Mexico and live 10 months. They live longer than any other.

  4. *~NV~*

    Depends on the species…

  5. critterman51

    It varies depending on the species, food availability, and temperature.

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