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How would I go about starting a butterfly garden?

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  1. fishineasy

    Locate in a sunny area, to provide food, shelter and water. Plant Host plants such as fennel, parsley, red basil, Queen Anne’s Lace milkweed and dill. Plant Nectar producing flowers in colors of red-orange and yellow. Select single flower rather than double. Diversity is the key in the selection of plant material – the more diverse the plant selection the more butterflies will be attracted. Make a statement with color – lots of color. Plant for continuous bloom. Include damp area for ‘puddling’. Provide flat stones for basking ( butterflies need 75-110 degrees for flight ). Do not use pesticides. Plant Natives. Shelter form strong winds. Provide some artificial feeders ( rotting bananas or cut citrus). Provide a butterfly house, although the Butterfly Society claims they really do not “work”! Provide a puddling saucer of damp sand.


  2. Mandy O

    has to be sunny, good drainage, blocked from wind. start with butterfly bushes, butterfly vines and other similar plants. don’t forget to have a water bowl but it can not be deeper than 1/8 inch or they will not use it.

  3. lauren d

    Check this site below, everything you will need to consider to get you started. Great Better Homes & Gardens has numerous plans you can download or 23 that are slide shows for you to begin. All based on size, native plants, perienniels, with a free detailed Planting Guide of which plants you need!


    Easy-Care Garden for Birds and Butterflies

    Make room in any garden for one or two plants that will attract birds or butterflies. Example purple coneflower, sedum, and iris provide for your winged friends. Garden size: 14 by 6 feet.

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