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I need to rid butterfly garden of thistle?

I have an on going battle with a really nasty type of thistle in my butterfly garden. The animals don’t like it and it chokes out my wildflowers. Today I was reading on the internet about weed eating the thistle, so that’s what I did today. I hope I didn’t upset the balance of my garden. Things are just beginning to come up as it has not been that warm. Tomorrow I will do some reseeding. I hope the thistle that I cut will just dry up. I can’t rake due to knew seedlings coming up. Help!

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3 Responses to “I need to rid butterfly garden of thistle?”

  1. kathleen l

    If it comes up again, cut it down again. Keep cutting it and the roots will die.

  2. Barbara

    When the thistle is still small, dig it out. Make sure you get all the root. Just cutting the top will not kill it–you need to remove the root. Wear long sleeves and heavy gloves.

  3. freakyanimeluver

    Dig out the roots and make sure to get as much of it out of there as you can. You really have to keep on it other wise it will keep coming up and causing you more trouble. Best of luck ^-^

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