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I think I found a rare butterfly?

What should I do if I think I found a rare butterfly?

I was at the house where I nanny today and there was a butterfly on the side of the house that was brown on both sides…when he opened his wings the insides looked to have eyes… so I looked it up and compared it to the picture on my cell (which isn’t the best because I could not zoom in) and I think it is a Hackberry Emperor.. though I am not sure. I am in Mass and they are native to the CT River Valley… yet there are only 13 of them..

So what should I do if I think I found a rare butterfly?
what else is it likely to be? The body was fat and hairy and it’s legs were short and stubby.
well it wasnt hairy but it wasn’t bald eithe…and it was all brown… varying browns.. on both sides

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2 Responses to “I think I found a rare butterfly?”

  1. Dances With Woofs!

    Hackberries are not fat and hairy,so what you found was likely a moth.Was it big? If it was,it may have been a Cecropia Moth:


    Or a Common Buckeye:


  2. AmberWh

    Sounds like a moth to me as well… I saw one flying around at wal mart a few years ago that at first i thought was a bat!!!!! this this was HUGE and scary looking! I don’t know what it was other than some mutant looking moth!

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