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I want a butterfly garden.?

i need help, we have a pretty big bacyard and want to start attracting butterflies and hummingbirds and other cool nature animals. Please help me with some plant ideas?? To attract them! We would realy like a garden taht we can go out too and jsut wath the butterflies, im also a photographer and would love taking nice pictures of teh butterflies on the plants. Please help me witha list of plants that i can plant into my garden so that i can attract butterflies! Thanks so much! Im looking forward to it. Cant wait to have a butterfly garden.
I went to homedepot and they gae me like a whole list of plants i bought a few, its been about a 4-5 month and i have seen 1 butterfly on the plants only 1. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

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  1. Tom C

    thats a good idea. dunno though

  2. SJ

    sounds cool, don’t know how though

  3. Evilest_Wendy

    Check with your local garden center. They are going to know what types of plants will attract the butterflies in your area. And what types of plants will do well in your zone.

  4. lesang_85

    you need tons and variety of flower

  5. mollyflogger

    I used to raise butterflies using them as a center peice in group homes and such. Mainly monarchs, which are black and orange. The live off of, lay they eggs, and even bread on the milk weed plant. Its not particularly pretty, almost weedy in appearance, but very easy to grow.

  6. Missy

    Definitely lots of pollinated flowers… they’re are plenty of home grown Caterpillar farms you can raise them in mass and let them go in your yard and hopefully they’ll stay. Just watch out for the attraction of bees.

  7. Kanuk

    plant flowers and flowering bushes. each month plant a few different flowering plants so that you’ll have flowers blooming all season. then leave it to nature, the butterfly’s will come If you supply the flowers.By the way, it doesn’t matter what the flowers are Butterfly’s like all flowers

  8. licht702000

    Well i dont know the names of the plants but i know butterflies like colorful flowers.

  9. >>--(>.<)-->

    First, learn about the kind of wildlife in your area, try to leanr what attracts them. Plant lots of flowers, make bird feeders, and keep everything in good shape.

  10. Pal

    A lot depends on where you live and what kinds of butterflies are native to the area. Typical are milkweed for monarch butterflies, lilacs attract swallowtails in the spring, petunias or other trumpet shapes flowers in bright reds or pinks are favorites with hummers as are my geraniums, hosta, snap dragons and impatience. A guide to North American Butterflies will tell you what kinds of flowers each species feeds on or lays its eggs or spins its cocoon on. There are seed packets for annual and perennial butterfly mixes in most garden centers or even the grocery store at this time of year in the upper midwest so just get what you think you can grow and make a start.

  11. George B

    We grow several colors of buddleia (aka “butterfly bush”) lavender, purple, white, pink and yellow, for that very purpose. they don’t seem to prefer one color over another, but do seem to go to the buddleia plants over other nectar plants.

    See this Google page for links to sites that discuss hummingbird flowers: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=flowers+for+hummingbirds

  12. toocoolringlady

    There is a plant specifically called a butterfly bush. Check it out it really does attract butterflies.

  13. gypsy_cat 345

    Hon, the people at places like Home Depot are not as well-versed in horticulture as the employees at a greenhouse. Since I’m one of them, here’s some suggestions!
    Monarchs love Joe-Pye weed (eupatorium), a relative of the common milkweed. They’ll lay their eggs on it for the caterpillars to use as a food source. There are both annual and perennial asclepias (butterfly weed) that are beautiful and irresistable to butterflies.
    Bee balm (monarda) is another good choice and comes in a wide range of colors. Butterflies also seem to enjoy phlox, probably because of its intense fragrance.
    All of the above-mentioned plants are easy to grow in a sunny location.
    The very BEST plant I’ve found for attracting butterflies, however, are the butterfly bush (buddleia) and tall verbena (boniarensis). The latter is a very tall, stiff-stemmed verbena that is perennial in warm climates but can be grown as an annual in the north. (Seeds are available from the Burpee company.) At any given time, I can look at one and see half-a-dozen swallowtail butterflies on one plant—spectacular!
    For hummingbirds, nothing beats trumpet vine and especially honeysuckle. Best of luck! :)

  14. fluffy the wonderdog

    first off……make sure you are not using any pesticides.
    and i am jealous because it is still cold here so the butterflies are not active yet.
    butterflies need food, water source, shelter
    During the summers here in our gardens we see them enjoying the buddleia, lantana, gaillardia, coneflowers, cosmos, marigolds, crepe myrtle, hostas, hibiscus, all kinds of daisies, salvias, verbenas.
    hummingbirds like all of them too.
    a mud puddle is a good addition because they like the minerals and need water too.
    The University of Kentucky has thorough information on gardening to attract butterflies.


    I am sure you will find it helpful.

  15. rtist50

    Check out this little website. It may help you.
    We have a Butterfly House in St.Louis that you may check out someday also.
    I know there they have bananas out for them.
    After they get kind of brown and sticky.

  16. chanchossweatpants

    grow alyssum: carpet of snow
    butterfly bush (they also attract earwigs)
    painted ladies (the flowers)
    purple liatris
    blue butterfly delphinium
    limerock ruby coreopsis
    there is so much more at this site!


    to attract hummingbirds use red flowers/plants and a hummingbird feeder with red jello mix (put it in the feeder as a liquid)

  17. Valerie

    listen to gypsy cat for sure! i worked at a greenhouse for a time and got to bring home the tall verbena annual that she was talking about and it has attracted many more butterflies than any other flowers iv had. and whats great is that it normally reseeds itself every year and i never have to sprout my own! i just transplant the seedlings i find when i weed .. very spectacular to look at as well!

  18. weather

    here are a few that will attract butter fules

    the butterfly bush.
    cold hardy to -20 also attracts bees and humming birds

    the crape myrtle
    cold hardy to -30 a tree blooms in the summer and is like every other tree in the winter attract bees birds humming birds and buttterflys

    this one has glossy leaves and is cold hardy to 32 F

    this one is cold hardy to -30 and is a perennial

    these are bulb and have floilage and later huge flowers. put in fun sun and water well. cold hardy to 5 f and will attract bees hummingbirds and butterflys

    common annual flower and butterflys seen to like them.

    like it cool and will attract bytterflies with there fragrance

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