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i want a garden in my front yard…?

i would like to make a beautiful garden in my front yard to distract from the oldness of the house i am renting. its not the prettiest house, but i think a beautiful garden would help make it look a lot prettier. the only problem is where i want to put it the sun only hits it in the late afternoon. what would my best options be for flowers and design. i wanted it to be a butterfly garden, but there is not enough sunlight.
i live in marlow, oklahoma if that helps ne.

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  1. SUSAN M

    You could try some plants that say partial shade. Depending on where you live, the garden centers are coming alive this time of year, but you may not have a great selection yet. One bush that grows well in partial shade is a hydrangea. It will take a few years to really grow and needs a lot of water, but the huge blooms of flowers look like snowballs. They come in several colors, which can be changed by adding things to the soil. You might be better off with pots and annuals like impatients or new guniea impatients (also need a lot of water). That way you could take them with you when you move. Go to the local garden center in a few weeks and see what is available. Good luck!!

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