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I want to build a butterfly garden in my front yard, but my husband thinks our dogs will dig it up. Prevention

I would love to have a butterfly garden in my front yard, but we have two dogs (3 months & 11 months). My husband thinks it will be a waste of money because he said the dogs will probably dig everything up, or just go plop down in the middle of the plants to cool off in the potting soil & pebbles. I don’t want to “not” have a nice yard just because I have dogs, so is there a way to prevent dogs from messing with a garden? Maybe a spray or something you can buy?

My grandmother told me if the dogs do not see you digging & planting the plants that they will not mess with them, but if they do see you planting the garden, they will run right to it & start digging or trying to eat the plants. Is this true? Because if it’s that easy, I can easily make the dogs stay inside while we plant it lol But that seems a little strange to me, that would actually keep them from digging i up.

Anyways, any tips so I can have my garden are appreciated! :-)

Buy: I want to build a butterfly garden in my front yard, but my husband thinks our dogs will dig it up. Prevention Poster

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5 Responses to “I want to build a butterfly garden in my front yard, but my husband thinks our dogs will dig it up. Prevention”

  1. Morgann ?xx ?

    At most pet stores there are sprays that have a smell to them that is too strong for cats or dogs, so they avoid anything you spray it with. I think you should try it. Good Luck!! :)

  2. craziegurl9

    First of all, just cause they don’t see you putting it in doesn’t mean they won’t bother it. If you walked outside one day and there was something new in your yard wouldn’t you want to check it out?
    And as for keeping them out, the most obvious answer is a neat looking fence. I’ve also heard that spreading moth balls around the border of a garden will keep dogs and other animals out but I’ve had no experience with this method. Many pet stores also sell different kinds of sprays to help keep dogs away from certain areas.

  3. Luck91

    The spray’s typically don’t work (my lab loved peeing all over the spray that was suppsed to keep him out).

    Even the most obedient dog will get bored and destroy things. The key is not to let the animal be bored to destroy your flowers.

    There are electric fences, but that would probably be $$$ and to much hassle.

    Even still, the only way for sure is to build a fence. I used 4×8 foot lattis cut down the length of the middle (2 foot by 8 foot). I put a cap on the top and staked it all down with simple stakes. I put a little hinged door on it, and this kept my 110 pound lab and other dog out of my flowers. I stained it cedar color and it looked great.

    If you want to not use a fence, try Merry Golds. These flowers are natures force field. They keep out insects too. The smell of these flowers will keep out many pests (not saying that your dogs are pests) :-) AND they are very pretty and last all summer long. You can even harvest the seeds in the winter, store them in a bag, and replant in the spring.

  4. Kip's mom

    Are your dogs outside without you? You can’t train a dog if you’re not there. If you outside with the dogs, just don’t let them dig or go into the flower beds. I’m currently trying to teach my dog the difference between mulch and grass. When we go for walks, there are mulched flower beds in the park. I’ll let him on a loose leash, so he can walk on the grass, but when he steps on the mulch, I tell him to “get out of the flower bed”, and pull him onto the walk. It seems to be working, but the real test will be this summer when he’s loose in the yard. Good luck!

  5. julie d

    Wow, I really like your grandmothers thoughts. Sorry, that won’t work though. I’m assuming that your front yard is fenced in for the dogs, so, how big are your dogs? If they are a really small or toy breed, Maybe you could put some of that low decorative fencing around the garden. I do believe there are doggie repellents on the market, but the problem is that they have to be reapplied often, in order to work. I sure wish you luck. I guess if you have big dogs, the low fencing idea is out ot the question. I am an advid gardener myself, so I will be watching for all the responses you get. Good luck with both your garden and your pups.

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