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Me singing Crystal Kay – Butterfly’s Garden

Im singing the whole entire song this time lol. I messed up the 2nd half of the song so it was another clip on that part.. as u can tell when u watch it. And then i messed up a lil bit toward the end lol..

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7 Responses to “Me singing Crystal Kay – Butterfly’s Garden”

  1. Hikarinoseigi

    Wow, you’re definitely dateable…
    *cough* I mean great voice ;p

  2. dareka54

    oh wow, pretty nice voice. :)

  3. postxbox360

    mixed homo

  4. Japansesshy

    thats soo cool you sound great. maybe you should try mother land.

  5. AmBIGuOUsPiNoY

    Thanks man!

  6. BlasianChineseBoy

    Kudos bro!

  7. Ciambee


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