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my landlord said we are not zoned for butterfly garden?

is that really true that you can’t plant a butterfly garden in Boston due to zoning?

I do know where to get some seeds for it.

I think maybe he is jus a meannie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to “my landlord said we are not zoned for butterfly garden?”

  1. drezdogge

    there are laws about keeping live butterflies with the plants they need to reproduce indoors, but not outdoors
    ie, in the house you can have monarchs, but not monarchs and milkweed, outside you can plant anything as long as its not considered a pest plant
    as long as the butterflies are wild and CHOOSE your garden
    hes a meanie

  2. Cat

    Tell him you’re no longer going to put in a “Butterfly Garden”. You’re just going to plant a few flowers instead.

    (That they happened to be exactly the same flowers and perennials you were planning to plant in the first place is something he need not know.)

    As long as they are not on the list of “noxious weeds” in your city – you’re fine.

  3. n0witrytobeamused

    I can understand your landlord; those darn butterflies bark, yowl at all hours of the night, spray to mark their territory, leave big piles behind and lower property values. And they are probaly here from Mexico illegally committing crimes and selling crack.
    So your landlord is sane and quite correct; butterflies are a public menace.

  4. Cheryl

    Yeah, I’m with the third guy, those butterflys are a menace, barking butterflies. HaHa Your landlord is a creep. Plant your butterfly garden and smile.

  5. G

    jeez sounds like my dad. you can plant just about anything you want. just tell him you are making a perrenial garden. thats what it is anyway. just remember in hell there will be demons with hot pokers sticking him in the eyes for eternity.

  6. Cherish B

    From what I have been reading it could be the fact that it is considered and eyesore for the neighbourhood and will bring down the value etc
    most of the “butterfly gardens” are weedy and seedy looking
    the “weeds” get to be too high then it is no longer within the zoning regulations that says you cannot have “weeds” over a certain height
    If you can grow say corn in your yard then there should pose no problem for a butterfly garden that is organised
    If you cannot grow corn then well sorry
    they win for you cannot fight city hall

  7. grannygrunt28391

    He is a meanie!…..I have never heard of anything so nuts in my life. He just doesn’t want you to do it! The only way he could stop you is if there is some apartment dwelling regulation of his own making that he could stop you.
    You need to check online or call the zoning commission or the mayor or a TV station to see.
    Good Luck!
    >>>>>>>I found these links below why don’t you try and contact them and they can put you on the right track< <<<<<<<<<< Milton, MA Certified: December, 2005 Population: 26,000 Located south of Boston, along the Neponset River Milton is a suburban community that borders the city of Boston. A large part of the town (40%) is taken up by the Blue Hills State Park, which includes a ski area and the Big Blue Hill, an important meteorological observatory. Recently, the Neponset River Greenway was constructed and it consists of a bike/walking path along the river. The community's project was led by Milton Outdoor Classrooms, a group whose goal is to create outdoor classrooms at all Milton Public Schools. Their anchor project was the Glover Elementary Outdoor Classroom. For more information, go to http://www.miltonoutdoorclassrooms.com/ >>>>>>CONTACT LINK BELOW< <<<<< http://www.miltonoutdoorclassrooms.com/contact.html


  8. riverbirch12345

    I doubt zoning boards concern thenselves with butterflies. It sounds made up to me.


  9. Debs

    I’m sure your landlord has had a bad experience or two with folks wanting to garden and then not keeping it up. Nothing looks rattier than a first garden attempt gone bad. Here’s what you can do. Get yourself a couple of big clay pots (16 to 24 inches) and place them where they will get full sun. Fill them with good potting mix and buy the following plants for them: ‘Herrenhausen’ oregano, Lantana, and Tithonia. The tithonia is a tall annual, place it in the middle, then put annual lantana around the tithonia, then tuck the perennial oregano in along the outside edges, where it can spill over the sides. In mid to late summer you will get butterflies nectaring at these plants. Your landlord isn’t mean, he’s just cautious with his investment which is wise. Happy gardening.

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