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My Monarch butterfly garden

for a while we raised Monarch butterflies and it was a truly wonderful experience

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6 Responses to “My Monarch butterfly garden”

  1. rubberducknecklace

    That was cool!

  2. Zoulvisia

    At the moment i have a swan plant growing in my garen with caterpillars all over it unforunatly only two have survived as many have been eaten by wasps D;

  3. runesick

    these are wonderful creatures, i saved 2 from being killed by a lawn mower, and now there in their nice warm pupa, i plan on letting em go when there adults.

  4. cellphone2k

    That was awesome. Thank You for posting it!

  5. harley543210

    That was Great.! Nice Job.!!

  6. Historybuff1940

    Wow! That is fascinating! I learned a lot that I did not know! Thanks for sharing this! Keep posting great videos like this! AWESOME!

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