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Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World (Watch in HQ)

Watch in HD widescreen ~ www.youtube.com The Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World was another wonderful experience I had in Phuket, Thailand this past summer during my 60 day stay. It was quite fascinating walking through these gardens seeing over 40 native species of butterflies and moths up close in an indoor tropical rainforest environment. They give you butterfly food to attract them when you arrive. These gardens are uniquely designed to house and breed these beautiful insects. I also had the opportunity to see different stages of the butterflies life cycle from live eggs, larvae, pupae and mating. They were very difficult to film due to their quick movement as well as them landing on you the entire time you are inside. Here is a link to their website: www.phuketbutterfly.com

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25 Responses to “Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World (Watch in HQ)”

  1. Rayarena

    Thanks for sharing this with us. What a lovely video. The music adds a nice touch, and it’s good to see that a place such as this exists. It teaches people to appreciate moths and butterflies. They add so much to the world with their beauty.

  2. PatongTed

    Thanks so very much kcKaren!

  3. kcKaren1

    Beautiful video, beautiful butterflies!

  4. PatongTed

    Thanks so much Indy! I appreciate the kind feedback. I re-uploaded this video in HD and its much better quality. I will send it to you. The song on this video is called “Huang” by Parn Thanaporn. She is one of the most popular singers in Thailand. Thanks again for the stars and stopping by.


  5. 1975Pontiac

    Amazing video.
    Pictures are excellent.
    Tell me, who is singing?
    Even though I can’t understand the words, I really like this music.
    Thanks Ted.

  6. PatongTed

    Thank you so much Dorte! I appreciate you stopping by!

    Peace to You Always!


  7. hysonly

    Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World..a beautiful and a amazing place.
    Great video Ted.
    Thanks for the look

  8. PatongTed

    Thanks so much Mary for your kind words! I am hopping over to your channel to have a look-see.


  9. PatongTed

    Thanks Viv! Its always a pleasure when you stop by. I have missed you!

    Peace to You and Yours Always!


  10. PatongTed

    Thank you so much Bro-ette! :) I am so glad you stopped by to leave such a wonderful comment!

    Peace to You!


  11. smokinass1

    What a gorgeous, beautiful place! Thank you for taking us there Ted. So pretty…who doesn’t love flowers and butterflies? This is even more proof that Mother Earth needs us all and that all creatures serve a purpose….

  12. VivianAkacie

    Simply AWESOME. What beauty of some of the worlds mirackles of life

  13. Marydecor8

    Hey There Ted..Awesome video..I love butterflies. They are amazingly beautiful. Come on over..I know another world traveler who is hopelessly hooked on traveling the globe. I have her picture posted on my channel..Machu Picchu

  14. PatongTed

    Thank you so much Carlinhos! 10 stars! Wow! How nice of you!

    Peace to you!


  15. PatongTed

    Thank You Jolanda!!! I appreciate your kind comment! I am so glad you stopped by!

    Peace to You and Yours!

    Have a GREAT weekend yourself as well!


  16. Carlinhos271980

    Thanks for this awesome share CIRIA
    10* –

  17. NaturesBeatingHearts

    I’m glad i did visite your channel yesterday, otherwise i would have missed this one.
    And it’s realy beautiful, i love butterflies.
    All those different colors.
    Great song you used to go with this video.
    Oh how i wish i could travel again.
    Have a great weekend


  18. PatongTed

    The song is called “Huang” and is performed by Parn Thanaporn. She is very, very popular in Thailand and all over South East Asia.


  19. yendor61

    Very cool video Ted. Great colors. You are a lucky man to be able to travel as you do.
    A great week to ya and a Happy Thanksgiving as well.
    Peace & Happiness~~~Rod

  20. PatongTed

    Thanks so much Lisa! I hope your Mother enjoys this video as well. I always appreciate your kind words on my videos!

    Peace to You!


  21. WitchesSky

    wow this is beautiful! I got my Mum back online now (dragonmummy) so I have sent a few of your video’s to her, she will enjoy them :)

  22. PatongTed

    Thanks for stopping by Pepi! I am hopping over to your channel right now for a long overdue visit!


  23. PatongTed

    Thank you so much my friend! I always like when you come around and leave such kind words!

    Peace to You and Yours Always!


  24. PatongTed

    Thanks Mary! I appreciate your stopping by and the nice comment! Roeleke is such a diamond for sending this out.




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