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preparing a garden bed for a butterfly garden.?

it will be on the south side of my house, and i live in zone 5 ( dont know if that matters). here is the garden that i am going to try to build. it is the second one down http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/gardens/butterfly/designs.html
how do i get the soil ready for the plants? and do i put mulch in around the plants? ive never had a garden before so im kinda just learning. i am going to go get a book from the library next week, but i want to see if i can even afford to try to build a garden like this. also if you look at the size scale of that garden, it is the same size as the area i have to use. about how many plants of each of those flowers should i purchase? i have been told that most of those spread, so should i just buy like 1 or two plants of each or should i try to plant seeds? any ideas are appreciated? thanks

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  1. pro_and_contra

    I like your garden layout #3, Native prairie garden.
    If you have good garden soil, there is no need for you to do anything but plant your flowers. If you want to add some good soil, get Mushroom Compost, that’s an organic soil amendment for gardens.
    Here is a good article about Buttlerfly gardens:

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