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should I prune my butterfly bush or move it?

I have 2 butterfly bushes in my raised garden bed (planted last summer) and one of them grew alot bigger than I expected it to. I’ve been thinking about moving it to an area where it can grow (somewhat) freely. My other option is to prune it back to try to keep the size under control. What is the best approach to take with this plant?

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4 Responses to “should I prune my butterfly bush or move it?”

  1. not2blonde

    Butterfly bushes only bloom from new growth, and they take well to pruning, so even if you prune it severely, it will be fine and you’ll even have more blooms!

  2. L B

    I don’t like moving anything if it can be managed, I suggest a bit of drastic renovation, cut back all flowered stems close to the base, it may look ugly now but these are extremly prolific growers.

  3. Richard F

    you want to prune it one more year and make the shrub as bushy and strong as you can, then transplant when dorment.

  4. juncogirl3

    Prune. You might be astounded by the size and depth of the root that a butterfly bush can develop in just a year. I went to dig mine up after a few years in one spot and when I saw the root I knew it was a no go. I have cut butterfly bush down to the ground and this has kept its heighth in check.

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