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Tips on making a garden ?

I know it’s winter, but i’m anxious to start planting. I have this paper bag full of mixed seeds, called “Butterfly Garden”. It’s supposed to attract butterflies? Ha. I live in Murrieta, California and the weather is very unpredictable at times, even the weather predictors are wrongs sometimes. It’s generally warm,though. What should I focus on planting? I want it to be pretty, but manageable.

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  1. Jilly Bean 11

    Umm……I am not a planter but i would ahhh….. i have no idea sorry

  2. im da tall scary 5th grader

    get like a lil wall to put it front of it so when the winds blow it wont blow it like the way the blow will make it blow out.make sure its stiff and firm.

  3. rannbabyduck

    even though you live in cali always focus on the last frost as us northerners call it if it is an annual they cannot survive freezing temps look up the planting zone guide for your area and this will tell you exactly when to plant and what will grow in your area

  4. Sonia P

    Usually on the back of the packet it has instructions on how deep an what time of season to plant if not call your nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s

  5. Aspen Seastar

    First, you need to buy some soft soil, not just dirt from your yard, and they soil has to have fertilizer to give the plants a head start to growing. Place the soil in a 1 foot deep garden area and water it until all the water is soaked into the soil. Try not to make a mush of the soil, or you will have to wait the next day to plant the plants. If it gets too mushy, you can add more soil, or you can wait the next day until some of the water gets evaporated. Be sure to keep the garden out of direct sunlight, and under some shading trees.

    Then you can buy some seeds at Walgreen’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any garden store. If you want winter growing plant, I suggest:


    Or if you would like to grow flowers, I suggest these year round beautiful plants:

    Morning Glory
    Mexican Primrose

    Or Fruits:




    Be sure to install irrigation or water it every day. Churn the soil around the plants every now and then and be sure to pick any weeds with a weeding tool. I suggest buying a water bottle “squirter” to spray the leaves to keep them from getting dehydrated from the sun. Then, you will need to harvest the fruits by cutting the stem around it with garden clippers. Do not pick the fruits with your hands, you can tear the branch and it will discontinue to grow fruits on that branch, which can effect the whole plant.

    Good luck! Happy Gardening.

  6. misskittyrocks

    Butterflies like red and purple plants. Consider a Butterfly Bush, Bee Balm, Honey Suckle, Geraniums. These would be quite manageable, since all but the geraniums are perennials and will come back each year.

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