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what class is a zebra longwing butterfly in?

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2 Responses to “what class is a zebra longwing butterfly in?”

  1. ecolink

    All butterflies are in Class Insecta, one of the classes in Phylum Arthropoda.

  2. Jeremysmom05

    The Zebra Heliconian (also known as the Heliconius charitonius or Zebra longwing) is a species of butterfly. It is the State Butterfly of Florida.

    The caterpillar feeds on Passiflora lutea, (yellow passionflower), Passiflora suberosa (corky stemmed passionvine), and Passiflora biflora (two-flower). The adults are unusual among butterflies in that they eat pollen as well as sipping nectar. This ability contributes to their longevity — 3 months as an adult. [1] Another unusual feature is that adults roost in groups of up to 70, and return to the same roost each evening. It was named the official butterfly of Florida in 1996 by Governor Chiles

    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Arthropoda
    Class: Insecta
    Order: Lepidoptera
    Family: Nymphalidae
    Genus: Heliconius
    Species: H. charitonius

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