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What else should I have in my butterfly garden?

I’m going to start a butterfly garden, and I was wondering what else I should have in it. I’ve done the research and decided what flowers I will have, but what else? I read on one website that a bird bath would give them water. But that seems it would attract birds who would eat the butterflies. A few miles south there is a butterfly conservatory, they might have somethings to help get started. They had sheets that listed flowers butterflies like. What should I get?
*that listed WHAT butterflies like.

Sorry. I accidentally deleted that word and didn’t realize it.
Never mind, my grammar was fine.

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10 Responses to “What else should I have in my butterfly garden?”

  1. toomeymimi

    I know if you look online you can find a simple butterfly feeder you can make.
    Here is a perfect site for feeders and ideas.

    Good luck with your butterfly garden, I love them too.

  2. c s

    ripe brown bananas on a dark brown painted wood birdfeeder with an open area to put the bananas and has a roof.

  3. olivia54984

    Butterflies have a hard time drinking from a birdbath because of the way their mouths function. Rather, use a large clay pot saucer filled with play box sand and keep moist, but not wet.

    Also some rusty/rustic metal scultures of butterflies could be nice as a way to “announce” your butterfly garden.

    Some species of butterflies have only one flower source of food; for example, the endangered Karner Blue butterflies needs native lupines (a large cluster), the Monarch butterfly and milkweeds.

    Also some butterflies like to rest on larger shrubs and even trees.

  4. byron101540

    Red Spotted Purple and White admiral like rotten banana’s and a saucer with a little wet cow manure (they get salt from the manure)

    Black Swallowtail likes purple colored flowers, red clover and indian paint brush

  5. nesscat2000

    Butterfly bushes, of course! You can buy them at most nurseries, and they come in several colors. I also planted dill, which got rather tall, but one particular type of butterfly (that I know of, anyway) laid eggs in it, they hatched, and the caterpillars feed on it, then they go nearby (or ON the dill) to build their coccoons! It’s an awesome feeling watching a butterfly hatch, dry it’s wings, and go flying away! Also, I’ve heard that butterflies love damp sugar cubes.

  6. g g

    i seen a show on animal planet called backyard habitat. once they made a butterfly habitat. they mentioned that you should also have plants for shelter and food for the caterpillars. they had a really easy way to make a watering area that wouldnt attract the birds. for more information and how they did theirs (for ideas) go to :


    have fun and enjoy

  7. Julie and Steve

    I have Echinacea “Magnus” (purple coneflowers) that are gorgeous and always popular with the butterflies. Rudbeckiea “Goldsturn” (Black-eyed susans) too. Both these flowers create amazing clumps of colour and are super hardy.

  8. umindy78

    Butterflies like flat flowers. Also you can buy butterfly houses too.
    Purple Coneflowers
    Black Eyed Susan’s
    Butterfly weed or Butterfly flower
    Butterfly Bush
    As far as water make a lil rock bed somewhere < in your flowers> when it rains the water collects there and they love this.
    Good luck

  9. serenity

    don’t know


    butterfly bush is good

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