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What is the purpose of a Wildlife certified garden, or butterfly garden?

Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of having a butterfly garden, such as why it is important and how it helps the environment. Please explain thoroughly because I need to write about it in at least a paragraph. If you have any websites I can refer to I would really appreciate it.
What about a vegetable garden?
Thank you to everyone who answered. You all were a great help!

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3 Responses to “What is the purpose of a Wildlife certified garden, or butterfly garden?”

  1. mud

    To attract butterfies,we need them just like bees,they are pollinators, without pollinators we would have no food.

  2. Rox C

    Wildlife and butterflys travel during the different seasons we have. During our fall months most head south for the warm weather. Where they can flurish and not die from harsh weathers. After winter is over and the weather start to warm. They start to migrate north again. To the areas where they mate, lay eggs and hatch out new birds, and larva (for butterflys).
    Well along this journey, they need places to rest, get a drink or eat. This was the beginning and why wildlife certified gardens started. They needed a safe place to go, to migrate to and from. Then as word got out about these concerned citizens and what they were doing to attract the wildlife to stop at their place on their way of flight. Others who enjoy the company of birds, butterflys, benifical insects, hummingbirds, wanted to keep them close by so they could view them most of the time.
    To become a certified Wildlife garden you have guidlines that must be meet. Water requirements, Plants that provide, food, rest, nesting, and places for safety. Once you pass ALL of these, you must also get a permit from the county in some areas to even keep your gardens as a certified garden. Mostly because, these gardens don’t look like your tipical manicured garden. Most code and county workers think you are growing weeds all over your yards. It is only the more well enformed individual who see and ask, “Why are you doing this to your yards”. And then for the avid gardner who repilies, “The land gives to me, so I take care of mothers natures critters”.

  3. MasterGardner

    Most people hate bugs, flying, crawling, etc. They don’t realize that many of these critters are responsible for helping trees and plants produce the fruit and vegetables that we consume. A butterfly garden draws other insects as well as butterflies. Bees are the most common pollinators, but are disappearing; they suspect pesticides are one contributing factor. When you have a certified garden, you shouldn’t use pesticides because it kills the good pollinators as well as those bad bugs that feed on your plants. Without the pollinators, we would have no fruit or vegetables for food. It is important to supply pollinators with pesticide-free environment, hence the need for the butterfly and certified gardens; it really benefits us in the end.

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