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what kind of flower does a painted lady butterfly like to drink from?

i whant to know because i got the butterfly garden kit from insect lore and i sent the coupon for painted lady caterpillars but i dont know what kind of flower the butterflys like to drink from

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  1. JeepJeep!!!

    Butterflies are similar to hummingbirds. They are attracted to bright colors ans sweet smelling flowers. So anything red or purple will usually be their first choice. Red flowers are endless, roses, tall phlox, four o’clocks… I had really good luck with my butterfly bushes & marigolds, as well as morning glories, trumpet vines & clematis with all butterflies & hummingbirds. Hummingbird feeders with the red color attracts butterflies also. A good clue is to see what plants bees are around & you will see butterflies feeding from the same flowers.

  2. GracieM

    Favorite butterfly flowers = aster, cosmos, thistle, and buttonbush.

    Favorite caterpillar plants = thistle, mallow, hollyhock, malva, and sunflower.

  3. sncmom2000

    You also need to know what kind of leaves the caterpillars will eat.

    “Larval Foodplants: Cheeseweed, (Malva spp.); thistles, Cirsium spp.; Dwarf Nettle (Urtica urens); lupine, Lupinus spp.; fiddleneck (Amsinckia spp.) and many other plants, particularly those belonging to the large plant family Compositae. The larvae, when present in large numbers, have also have been known to cause local damage to beans, artichokes and mint (Cooperative Economic Insect Report 23 (21): 307, 1973).”

  4. Dode

    More than 100 host plants have been recorded by scientists. Their favorites include thistles (Asteraceae), hollyhock and mallow (Malvaceae), and various legumes (Fabaceae).

    Adult food:

    The painted lady prefers nectar from plants 3-6 feet high, especially thistles; also aster, cosmos, blazing star, ironweed, and joe-pye weed. Flowers from other families that are visited include red clover, buttonbush, privet, and milkweeds.


    These butterflies live almost everywhere, especially in open or disturbed areas including gardens, old fields, dunes.


  5. december

    have you tries wild flowers

  6. judy b

    red morning glories, what ever a humming bird likes.
    sweet peas. 4 0 clocks. what is sweet and bright……….

  7. gard3ngirl

    get on the internet and research it. There’s a lot of good info out there.

  8. Secily W

    Read the “Butterfly garden” article secilysgardentips.com
    you will be impressed. It is a great!

    Thanks, Secily W.

  9. funkybass4ever

    I can tell you for a fact that they love zinnias! The other year when we had that big batch of Painted Ladies come by for a couple of days i just so happened to have about 1000 square feet of my garden just zinnias and I just sat back and watched them all week, it was the coolest thing, I must have had a hundred at any one time in the yard. It was so beautiful

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