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What Kind Of Flowers should I use to Build a Butterfly/Humming Bird Garden?

I want to build a butterfly/Hummingbird Garden. I would like to know what kind of flowers do butterflies and hummingbirds most attract to? I really want to do this, its a way to help keep different butterflies and Hummingbird speices serve. If anyone has any tips they will surely be taking into consideration.

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6 Responses to “What Kind Of Flowers should I use to Build a Butterfly/Humming Bird Garden?”

  1. Sheryl C

    Butterflies are attracted to the bright colors – annuals will give you lots of color all summer but die at the end of the season and perrenials cost more initially but come back year after year –USUALLY – that is if a chipmunk or vole does not eat them….I get hummingbirds constantly on my beebalm — that perrenial is in the mint family so it smells good when you are working with it but like mint will grow and grow and possibly spread to a larger area than you want…it comes in red, pink, purple…the red attracts the most hummingbirds as the color is most vibrant – just want them in a hanging plant — try hot pink petunias or hot pink hanging geraniums – have had great luck with those — watch for birds nesting in hanging plants – it is cool at first to watch but it will kill the hanging plant eventually…..good luck — remember stick with pinks, reds, vibrant colors for butterflies and hummingbirds–also, sunny spots work best for them!

  2. x0x_tiara_x0x

    Lets see…you can plant coneflowers, salvia, verbina, wallflowers, & butterfly bushes. Just to name a few….

  3. jessiebella677

    get a butterfly bush. they are so pretty and smell great! also yarrow attracts butterflies. if you go a plant nursery sight you can find plants listed as humming bird and butterfly attracting. also i just started a new yahoo group so post your findings and suggestions here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/monroecountyseedplantexchange/. hopefully this is helpful.

  4. debnettlenote

    I have raspberry monardia(bee balm) the bees,butterflies and hummingbirds love this plant it has a long blooming time and quite a few different varieties. Most of the plants range in height from 2- 4 feet and the colors range from light purple pinks dark pink and red or white. This is a staple plant in my perennial bed I have 5 different varieties. This plant puts off a nice smell and I think that humming birds are attracted to the red and pink colors. The Aster is another great plant that attracts the butterflies but it blooms so late that I think the humming birds are gone by then but still another great plant for the flower bed.

  5. Margaret S

    In addition to those already mentioned, hummingbirds love trumpet vines,honeysuckle bushes, and monarda. The monarda spread quite readily, are available in different colors and return year after year(perenials). They require
    lots of sun. Trumpet vines spread too much. They need to be watched for new starting plants because they will spread all over the yard! Some people consider them a weed because of this problem, but when a trumpet vine is mature it is a real attraction for both humming birds and butterflys. The new sprouts, which pop up from underground roots can be a problem if not watched and removed or potted for transplant to another area. Butterfly bushes, monarda, trumpet vines, and honysuckle will attract humming birds and butterflys in good quantities. A hummingbird feeder –use red color feed, will get lots of these birds coming while you wait for the bushes to mature!

  6. Sandy G

    Hummingbirds love salvia, monarda and trumpet vines, to name a few. See the link below for more.

    Butterflies love butterfly bush (buddleia), asclepias, and many other flowering plants

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