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What should I do in my garden this fall?

I have a huge stand of daisies which are no longer blooming, black eyed Susan’s which are still blooming, several kinds of ornamental grasses, irises, butterfly weed, hostas, bleeding hearts, roses, silver mound, lavender, Russian sage, and glads…what should I do to get ready for fall. I also want to transplant and rearrange my garden. Which plants would be best to move, and what should stay put? I live in the middle of Ohio.

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2 Responses to “What should I do in my garden this fall?”

  1. Squibbles

    Wow, what a nice garden it sounds like you have! In my
    opinion, I would move the daisies if they are no longer to
    bloom this year. Good Luck with your gardening! :D

  2. hopflower

    That depends upon what your plant needs are. Do they need moving? Could you clean up the garden of all debris and dead plant material? Re-dig the soil for autumn and winter veggies? Give a final light feeding to those plants ready to slumber soon? Move some things into the house for overwintering or take slips now to transplant. Store your bulbs unless you are able to leave them in the ground for next year’s gladioli.

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