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What sort of flowers should I plant for a butterfly garden?

I am wanting to turn a small area of my yard into a butterfly/hummingbird garden. What sort of plants would be best to plant there (prefer annual plants)? I live in IN if that helps and any websites you could direct me to would be great!

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8 Responses to “What sort of flowers should I plant for a butterfly garden?”

  1. beechmachine

    plant a couple of emos in there

  2. cindy r

    quins lace is grate for attracting monarchs. tigerlily`s and forget`me`nots attract thees rely cool black blue and yellow butterfly`s

  3. railroad dave

    borrelia davidii , common trumpet vine , marigold , chives , clover , dame’s rocket , dandelion , grape hyacinth , lilac , moss phlox , peony , privet , spicebush , virginia bluebell .

  4. cyndi b

    i have alink here for you to look at!hope it helps!just about all flowers will do!but this link will give you a more in debth look at it!http://www.uky.edu/Ag/Entomology/entfacts/misc/ef006.htm

  5. GenevievesMom

    Your climate is very similar to mine (southern Michigan). Our butterfly garden has lots of hydrangea, batchelor buttons, black-eyed Susans, coneflowers, dianthis, lots of herbs they especially love my basil, bee balm, bergamot, Russian sage, lemon verbena and catnip (go figure! the cats love it too)

    There’s also a plant called a butterfly plant that most of the greenhouses and places like Home Depot/Lowes carry. It’s a sweet scented plant that isn’t going to be the focal point of your garden…until it’s covered with Monarchs in the middle of June all the way til September. They seem to love it almost as much as the lemon verbena and Russian sage.

    Good luck…hope you have a beautiful garden. And if you’re looking for good resources contact the Nature Museum in Chicago or the Chicago Botanical Gardens. Both have wonderful butterfly resources and are in the same climate as you.

  6. Jellyhead

    Here’s a website that shows plants and which butterflies they attract specifically for your state, Indiana. I am doing this in my garden also but in California.. I know Milkweed is a good plant for the Monarch butterfly which is common here. Good luck

  7. stretch

    butterfly plants and zinnias! they also re-seed every year…

  8. Valkyrie

    Definitely add a Butterfly Bush or (Buddleia). I have Purple Cone Flower and Black Eyed Susan’s but the Butterfly Bushes attract all of the butterflies. I have six of the Butterfly Bushes in six different colors. Pink, White, Black (dark purple), Red ( dark pink), Lavender, and Yellow. The Red and the White attract the most butterflies in my view. They also attract a number of hummingbirds. These bushes are very durable and disease resistant. In colder climates they often die back to the ground but they will grow back true to form by mid-summer. They like full sun and can grow 8+ feet. I keep mine pruned to 5-6 feet and every few days I deadhead the spent blooms. The only word of caution is to only transplant when they are dormant. They don’t like to be moved and suffer from major transplant shock. Other than that they are TOUGH. Each color has it’s own scent and they all smell great. On a warm summer night the smell fills the air. I have seen these for sell at Lowe’s and Home Depot for less than $5.00 each. The most butterflies I have ever counted at one time was 13. And who says 13 is unlucky. Best of luck!!! :)

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