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Where can i buy food for my butterflies?

My butterflies are going to emerge from their cocoons soon and i need some food to feed them or they’ll starve. I have black swallowtail, spicebush swallowtail, and eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies. Where can i buy fennel, parsley, dill, lilac, wild cherry, and spicebush plants? . I need them already grown plants in pots becuase i dont have enough time to grow them from seeds. I live in NEW YORK CITY so anywhere in like louisiana or canada wouldn’t be very helpful. Thanks

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14 Responses to “Where can i buy food for my butterflies?”

  1. mikerphone007

    at the store

  2. yumdrop

    Lilacs are beginning to bloom in some areas already..so fresh clippings may be easy for you to come by. Contact your local greenhouses and florists. Also make sure to ask for floral tubes to keep the food clippings fresh..unless you have them in a living area large enough to accommodate the plants.

  3. versantly

    they have all the nectar they need from the flowering plants.

  4. Carl

    Maybe you could feed them sugar water like you do for hummingbirds.

  5. stinkysmom

    Butterflies generally take care of themselves . They feed on plant necter that the suck from living plants. Have a lot of flowrs around and they will find their own food.

  6. xmas90

    Plant a butterfly garden.

    1. Adult nectar sources (N) – attract and nourish adult butterflies.
    2. Larval host plants (H)- attract ovipositing female butterflies, food source for developing larvae.
    3. Shelter – vegetation that provides protection from temperature extremes, storms/rain, predators as well as locations for roosting/sleeping.
    4. Water source with fountain – allows for easy and consistent access to water for drinking and thermoregulation.

    Provide a combination of adult nectar sources and larval host plants – attracts maximum variety of butterfly species; encourages butterflies to remain in your yard, reproduce and build populations instead of just passing through; allows gardener to appreciate all life history stages.

  7. raveniiz

    Buddelias are wonderful for all butterflies it’s nickname is the butterfly bush. also verbena, milkweeds, asters, clarkia, coreopsis, cosmos, pincushion…all these are in my garden now and covered with butterflies.

    plant them outside, and your butterflies will visit every day.

  8. Emmet M

    for the parseley look in your local grocery store/ plant store for the wild cherries local grocery store or your local convinience store

  9. Casey M

    Yea at the butterfly garden at the zoo they feed them nectar like they do for hummingbirds.

  10. Sit On It

    Any fresh fruit cut into half or slices will work such as oranges, apples. I base this on having seen first hand at Calloway Gardens in their Butterfly exhibit, they place several pieces in low branches about 5 feet off the ground.

  11. The Muse

    These people ship worldwide and I’ve been dealing with them for decades.


    The Muse

  12. Yozak

    Just feed them with any vegetable or leaf.
    Good luck……………!

  13. grannygrunt28391

    Making Your Own Butterfly Nectar

    Butterfly Nectar should be mixed with a ratio of 9 parts water to 1 part sugar. Using boiling (or hot) water will ensure that the sugar more adequately and quickly dissolves. Cool the mixture before placing in your feeder and store the rest in the refrigerator for later use. The nectar you place in the feeder should be replaced at least once a week and more often in warm weather because the solution will spoil. Avoid putting your butterfly feeder in direct as that will only speed up the fermentation (spoiling) process.

    If your in a hurry for food try this and put plants in later .

  14. Desert Rose

    this is what butterfly farm are doing over here…

    get sugar ( glucose / fruit sugar), dilute them with water, about 1teaspoon to 11/2 cup water… stir till all the sugar is dissolve.. place the sugar water on a flat tray ( with a sponge at the middle) and fill the tray with the sugar water( the sponge will act as a landing area for the butterfly wet enough for the better to land but not too wet till it drown the butterfly!

    to attract the butterfly to the sugar watering hole.. add some colourful flower around it or fruits…basically you can also get organic flower oil(lavender or rose or any flower to the area near this water tray! but not in the water) so that the butterfly can “smell” the tray!!

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