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Woodbridge Butterfly Garden (I spot a Turkey)

I caught a turkey lurking around in the background.

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25 Responses to “Woodbridge Butterfly Garden (I spot a Turkey)”

  1. DeniseZchannel

    Suze,how do your tutles cross the road. Scateboard?

  2. DejaVuSu

    Too funny Joe…..the fastest turtles in Jersey……lol
    Turkey crossing…funny!!

  3. scwomanchangeling2

    :P sweet!

  4. DeniseZchannel

    Rob,i believe your story. The people of Woodbridge love Turtle Soup. Not!!!! LOL


    Pilgrim Fathers arrived in America from the sea and were very hungry. Now (I think you too have a TV broadcast called Survivor): what’s easier to find on a beach : turtles or turkeys? I think turtle soup was their first meal, this is true history..lol…

  6. DeniseZchannel

    Laura,glad you enjoyed it. I can’t believe Denise let’s me do these videos. lol Turtle soup forever!

  7. PaintingLaura

    Joe, this is great!! Really amusing, too….LoL

  8. DeniseZchannel

    Raven,you and your family must eat turtle soup. It’s a tradition. If they ever catch with even a drumstick you will get locked up and must be pardoned in order to be released

  9. RavenClaws30

    great video, and funny too. If I didn’t know any better. I think everybody in woodbridge had turtle soup for thanksgiving, you sound so serious.lol.

  10. DeniseZchannel

    Tim and Sandy,i hope you guys follow the Woodbridge tradition and have turtle soup on Thankgiving. Did you see that turkey? lol JZ

  11. OneBlackRose45


  12. squyres

    haha !!! “Happy Together” !!

  13. DeniseZchannel

    Rob,i hear they like to gobble up Turkey. lol

  14. DeniseZchannel

    Debbie,glad you enjoyed it. Turtles make very good pets and they sang some of the greatest 60’s love songs. JZ

  15. squyres

    Go Turtles Go !!! I couldnt eat those cuties!! No way !! This was funny & I enjoyed it—Peace/Love

  16. DeniseZchannel

    Rob,there is no pizza faster than me. I tell my local pizza maker to cut my pizza’s into 6 slices because i can’t eat 8. I never understood why he looks at me like i’m crazy. lol


    That’s the reason why they kept singing Happy Together…


    Not stew : I’ve seen turtle soup cans but never tasted. Anyway I suppose “Caution-Pizza Crossing” wouldn’t be very successful…lol…

  19. kaki2087

    I’m sure the turles are quick as a flash lol. Thanks for that informations.

  20. DeniseZchannel

    Rob,have you ever had turtle stew? I’ve been stewed but never had turtle with me while being stewed. lol

  21. DeniseZchannel

    kaki,it’s been a tradition for over 200 years. I never had Turtle soup because Woodbridge Turtles are very fast and hard to catch. Either that or i’m just too slow. lol

  22. kaki2087

    Turtlesoup is eaten there at thanksgiving? If yes,is this from the biginnig of colonization and do you had some, joe?


    It seems that turtle soup is a delicious course too : maybe those signs are traps to make them unsuspicious …lol…

  24. DeniseZchannel

    Rob,the turtle one really has me perplexed. lol You might be onto something about the Turkey sign. T.C.,My friend


    I’d never seen a “Caution-Turkey Crossing” sign in my life. Maybe it’s a trap to invite them for Thanksgiving Day …lol…

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