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Zoo & Butterfly Garden Photography

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8 Responses to “Zoo & Butterfly Garden Photography”

  1. adiversegrl

    awesome pics!!!

  2. Cavin8r

    Teehee, there was a manatee that did the thing the otters did at 4:06, and the thing charged us at full speed, and damn, that thing was so coordinated… it stopped last minute and rammed into the glass just enough to make it shake a bit and freaked the shit out of all the people! It was scary and hilarious at the same time! When my -person- was taking off, the damn thing started up again at charging them and didn’t hit the glass this time. I don’t think the Sea World peeps liked that xD

  3. totalwombatfan

    Komodo dragon. =D

  4. deliabookworm

    hey what kind of lizard is that at 3:15?

  5. totalwombatfan

    Hey, check it out! The music’s working now!!!! :D

  6. BallPythonLuver

    Awesome picstures!! I love the komodo dragons :D

  7. totalwombatfan

    Thanx. The music *WAS* Bixby Canyon Ridge. I had all the transitions go to the music and stuff…. but I’m trying to get it back. :(

  8. deliabookworm

    ahhh stupid wmg. i love the pics though :)

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