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Attracting butterflies – butterfly bush 101???

I’m new to gardening and really want to attract butterflies to my garden. What exactly is a butterfly bush? Any tips on growing one? Are they hardy in zone 6?

Thank you so much for so many great answers!

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4 Responses to “Attracting butterflies – butterfly bush 101???”

  1. fluffernut

    oooooodles of info for butterflies:

    this is a good start.

    There’s a bit more than just the plants which the site will discuss.

    Butterfly bush is just one plant.

    Now remember butterflies have a darker side, they come from caterpillars which tend to eat certain plants before they pupate.

    http://www.highcountryplants.com is a great website and lists butterfly plants for more arid climates…….if that fits.

  2. kris M

    Butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii) also known as summer lilac is a fragrant butterfly and hummingbird magnet. Grows in zone 5-9 and gets 3-10 ft tall and 3-10 ft. wide depending climate. In cooler climates zone 5-6, it will die back to the ground in a severe winter and send out new shoots in the spring. Cut the old stems back to the ground when new growth apprears. Butterfly bush has gray green foliage and produces arching spikes of flowers that come in shades of white, pink and purple. It blooms from July to autumn. For best growth, plant them in well drained soil and full sun. There are additional plants that you can also grow to attract butterfllies..

  3. shedahudda

    butterfly bush is so named because it is so attractive to butterflies.
    Butterflies love flowers that they can rest on and still stick their proboscis ( tongue i guess) down to get the nectar.
    The butterfly bush has lots of flowers closely clustered in a plume or long funnel.

    another plant is a goose-necked flower.

    it ios also a good idea to have some area where they can drink. it needs to be a shallow place maybe some stones places in a saucer so they can rest but not drown.
    UYou can also leave slices of oranges for them once you have seen them.

    The other thing to consider when planning for butterflies is to supply plants that will be good places to lay their eggs as well as feed the caterpillars when they first hatch. eg dill

    enjoy your gardening. it is a very lovely hobby

  4. Spyderbear

    The butterfly bush will do well in Zone 6. It is also refered to as a Buddleia, it’s scientific name, or summer lilac which refers to the appearance of the flowers. They come in many colors, I had a attractive reddish-purple one in the last place I lived. It only flowers on “new” wood. This means the present year’s growth. The one book I read suggested trimming it down to 18 inches in the early spring before it started to green up. I did that and it grew to over five foot and bloomed heavily. If you don’t trim it, it will grow fine, but you will have fewer blooms.

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