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I want to know what type of flowers or bushes attract butterflies ?

We are doing some research on learning how to make a butterfly garden for next season & need some input on some plants other’s have grown to attract butterflies to their garden.

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  1. Chicken in Black

    For butterflies I grow butterfly weed, butterfly bush, coneflowers, evening primroses, spiderwort, blackeyed susans, daisies, nastursium, pansies, lantana, marigold, speedwell, among others.

  2. ????? fan

    They do like certain types of flowers. I’ve posted a link about creating a Butterfly garden. Good Luck. =)

  3. SteelAngel

    The best way to attract butterflies is to plant a butterfly garden. Not just plants that they like to go to for nectar but you also need host plants for them to live on.
    If you can get a list of your native wildflowers that would be great. The weed I just introduced into my yard is milkweed, they are host plant for the Monarch. One plant I don’t know if listed that I am trying to get is a vine called Variegated Hops.

    Good luck what ever you chose.

    With host plants




  4. Jeanne the Genius

    Buddleia, or butterfly bush, is one of the most attractive plants for a large variety of butterflies. Asclepia is very attractive to all butterflies, and will be home to many monarch butterflies if you plant it. It multiplies rapidly but is easily contained by pulling out the peripheral plants in a clump — the roots are pretty superficial and if you wait until after a good rain you can remove them very easily. Butterflies also love roses, daylilies, coneflower, phlox, magnolia, clematis, zinnias, rudbeckia, hibiscus, daisies, fall blooming anemonies and hosta flowers.

  5. sandy

    Flowers and plants that attract butterflies.

    Butterfly Weed
    Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Bush
    Buddleia davidii Butterfly Flower
    Schizanthus wisetonensis
    Butterfly Lily
    Hedychium coronarium Butterfly Pea
    Clitoria ternata Yarrow
    Achillea millefolium
    Aquilegia Sea Pink
    Armeria maritima Aster
    Callistephus chinensis
    Sea Holly
    Eryngium bourgatii Coneflower
    Echinacea purpurea Sweet Pea
    Lathyrus odoratus
    Chrysanthemum Shasta Daisy
    Chrysanthemum shasta Gloriosa Daisy
    Rudbeckia hirta
    Butterfly Orchid
    Oncidium papilio Violets
    Viola pedata Bee Balm
    Monarda didyma
    Blanket Flower
    Gaillardia aristata Lilac
    Syringa vulgaris Rabbitbrush
    Chrysothamnus nauseosus
    Potentilla fruticosa Burning Bush
    Dictamnus albus English Lavender
    Lavendula angustifolia

  6. Steve W

    I’ve seen butterflies go crazy over Bougainvillea. I like the Milkweed idea too- to create familiar habitat.

  7. Ralph

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