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Raising painted lady butterflies?

I am having to raise two painted lady butterflies from the larva stage. They are now caterpillars and I have had them for 11 days. Their birthday however is March 22. I am waiting for them to go into their chrysalis any day now. What are some of the signs that they are about to go into their chrysalis stage?
I am sorry, I meant to post it under Zoology. I just made a mistake.

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  1. Water Garden Vista

    When they start building their cocoon, they are starting to morph.

    You may want to ask this question in the wildlife or the the nature group. This is the Garden & Landscape group.

  2. Tommr1

    When they start to attach to the container they are getting ready.
    This may help

  3. ANGEL

    A pupating caterpillar will attach itself to various objects; check this out:

    The chrysalis – metamorphosis begins shortly after the caterpillar finds a safe place to rest. With a silk thread that comes out of a hole just below its mouth (spinneret), the caterpillar spins a silk pad to attach to. The caterpillar hangs from this pad. Soon, the caterpillars’ skin splits open, from head to abdomen, revealing a shiny green case underneath – the chrysalis.

    Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar will become completely liquid and reformed into a butterfly.

    The conversion of a suspended caterpillar to the pupal (chrysalis) stage is pretty fast, lasting only a few minutes. It starts when the caterpillar begins to wriggle and writhe, doing just the sort of movement you’d expect would be needed in order to wriggle out of a whole-body leotard without any helping hands. The initial split in the skin occurs at the top, and reveals the green-white pupa within:
    Photos of the action:

    Video : caterpillar to chrysalis

    I couldn’t find a painted lady video, but I thought this would help show you what to expect.

    Good luck!!!

  4. Brenda T

    butterfly pupa will slow down in eating (after first having a LARGE eating period where they eat more and more) and start to look for a good place to attach themselves (a stick at an angle inside the container is perfect, especially if it is away from the sides, so when the butterfly starts to hatch it has plenty of wiggle room). They will attach themselves with silk, but then it can be a day or more before they start to make the change into a chrysalis. We have watched and watched for the moment when they changed and missed it every time so it takes a while, but when they do change it happens quickly :) We have hatched mostly swallowtail but have also had some painted ladies. good luck!

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