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What flowers can I plant to attract more butterflies?

Yesterday I saw not only a red admiral in our backyard, but a black swallowtail and a HUGE tiger swallowtail, fluttering around our lilac bush. I would love to see more! =)
I live in Ohio if that helps with the climate issue. I forgot that certain plants only thrive in certain conditions and shade/sunlight.

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5 Responses to “What flowers can I plant to attract more butterflies?”

  1. chazycares

    Put a Butterfly Bush up.

    They are beautiful and attract butterflies.

  2. booboo

    Here are some links to help you. There are a lot of butterfly attracting plants. Keep in mind that you need larval host plants and nectar plants. There may be very specific plants for your area as certain butterflies like certain plants. If you search online, you can generally find sites that are specific for your state.

    Good luck!

    Good basic info:

    If you are in California, this is a great site:

    EDIT: Plants specific to Ohio:

  3. Tashi D

    Here are a few that were especially notable for me:
    Oregano: I can’t say enough. Hundreds of monarchs and red admirals , at once.
    Purple Rhododendrons: never failed to attract swallowtails!
    Hesperis Matronalis (sweet Rocket)
    Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) Of course
    Asclepias Tuberosa
    Stocks (Matthiola)
    Silene- most species
    Armeria Caespitosa
    Remember, butterflies are creatures of the sun. They also have a tendency to be attracted to pale and white flowers (my observation), and what they really like is a long tubular floret (look at your lilac) to bury their hungry little proboscis in.

  4. Woody

    Some plants which attract butterflies include,
    Sedum spectabile,
    Asters, (Michaelmas daisies),
    Lilac,as you know,Stonecrop
    and Honeysuckle.

  5. shimmitail1

    Butterflies love all flowers!*

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