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What type of butterfly is this? Red & Black?

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Hi, can anybody let me know what type of butterfly this is? It’s black with about 6 red spots on each wing, with a red tinge on the side of the wing. Found it in my garden, thanks for your help!

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4 Responses to “What type of butterfly is this? Red & Black?”

  1. Adonis W

    im not sure but i think its poisonous

  2. heart o' gold

    A pretty one???

    Seriously though, type your question into general internet and start looking at photos, I identify all sorts of plants and wildlife this way.

  3. Connie G

    A red-spotted Purple?

    When I think of black butterfliesI think of Swallowtails.

  4. Woodie.

    Could be a Red Admiral,esp;if there’s a white stripe on each wing.

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